The name emerged a few years ago when a fellow artist and I rebelled (mostly to amuse ourselves) against the professional pressure on artists to limit themselves to a particular style, and decided to declare our own art movement, calling it No-Sty(le). Life is constant flux. Compartmentalization is a nice tool but is limiting as a way of life. I prefer the freedom to explore without locking into a rigid way of working and seeing.

A choice I make in this series is to occasionally combine representational images into my abstracted images. I find it a natural and organic way to work, playing with that relationship and finding the dance between the two.

Animals, in particular, frequently make an appearance in my otherwise-abstract work. I am strongly influenced by Norse, Celtic, and other earth-based native cultures, whose shamanic and artistic traditions freely incorporate animal images as stand-ins and gatekeepers for the mythical and realm. Animals are viewed as representations of the spirit world; each species’ unique traits have specific medicine and wisdom to offer humans. Personally, I am continually inspired, guided, and taught by the animal kingdom. One species or another will often insist on appearing on the canvas, overriding my original plans for the painting, demanding to be incorporated.

I also like the idea of personal, stylistic fingerprint inherent in each artist that leaves its unique mark on every piece of work they make. This means that a personal style can’t help but emerge, without ever having to force it. One’s energetic fingerprint is a bit like a unique gate or speaking style that gives away one’s identity even when that person aims for anonymity or disguise. It ensures the freedom to be wide open to exploration, knowing you can’t lose yourself as long as you stay authentic to your intuition.

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